Art Management

Art Management

Because Art is there to be enjoyed

Cube Fine Art Services understands that while storing art is a vital part of the process in collecting art, it’s the joy of appreciating it that we most value. As part of our art management service, we manage the process of rotating your artwork from display to storage and back whenever you require.

As part of the service, we provide photo inventory for clear documentation as well as easy reference to what you have in storage.

Our Art Management service is also popular with art galleries or businesses which may have limited display space but would like to regularly have a “fresh” look for visitors. We can cater to your needs regardless of how frequently or infrequently you would like to have a change.

With Cube’s art management service, you will benefit from the full spectrum of our professional services from secure managed storage to the delicate handling every step of the way of our expert relocation and professional installation / removal teams.